List of Cyber Security Companies in Kenya

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The best companies that offer Cyber security services in Kenya

– The services they offer

-The team members from the owners to the specialists

(a) Which are the best companies that offer Cyber security in Kenya?

(1) Pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC) :- Better known for its global business accountancy services, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is a privately owned network of affiliated firms that has built a commanding presence in security consultancy.

The firm has partnerships with a range of companies in the space including security ‘unicorn’ Tanium. The company also provides research for the annual Information Security breaches survey in conjunction with the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Its Services

They deliver cybersecurity services such as Accessible, which helps to minimize opportunities for attack, and reduce time and costs spent on security, stages simulations of attacks to test whether the company is sufficiently prepared, and of course, develops the best responses to security breaches.

  • Advisory: – Offers financial based assistance, analytical and business process skills to corporations, parastatals and intermediaries in the implementation of strategies related to creating/acquiring/financing business, integrating them into current operations, enhancing performance, improving management and control, dealing with crises and restructuring and realizing value
  • Assurance: – Aids the client to enhance financial performance as well as helping them improve their external financial reporting and adopting new regulatory requirements. Accounting and regulatory advice is also offered.
  • Tax: – Assists clients in complying with tax-related legislation and regulations and covers all aspects of Kenyan tax while incorporating human resource services.


The firm was created in 1998 when Coopers & Lybrand merged with Price Waterhouse.

(2) Serianu: – is a Kenyan Based a cyber security consultancy firm that enables organizations to extract value from their information assets. The company helps organizations collect, protect, and analyze critical business information. Last year the company opened its Cyber Immersion Center, a training center which targets cyber security professionals in Africa to hone their skills and ramp up their cyber-attack preparedness. The company also releases annual Cybersecurity Reports that highlights the trends in Kenya, East Africa and Africa.



The Serianu Managed Security Services (SMSS) provides locally focused, 24/7 comprehensive and robust security services that incorporate highly skilled security experts and industry proven processes that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. The services offered include:

-Online Monitoring

-Outsourced monitoring

-SC3 monitoring

-Technology support

-Outsourced personnel


Track and receive alerts and reports on pervasive cyber threats through our threat intelligence platform. The services offered include:

-Weblog monitoring

-Anti-virus monitoring

– Abuse box monitoring


Majority of breaches in Africa can be attributed to Insider. Swift response to incidents is therefore critical for recoverability. Our in-house CIRT team is fully equipped for:

-Incident investigation

-Pre-incident assessment

-Capability testing


Our security Risk Consulting offering is built around the ADRC approach which ensures an organization is able Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain threats. Our service offering includes the following:

-Audit and Assurance

-Technical Assessment

-Programme assessment

-Technology implementation

– Remediation


Africa has Fewer than 10,000 Certified and practicing professional. Our security training is an essential element in the equipping individuals and organizations with skills to Anticipate, Detect, Respond and Contain Cyber threat. Trainings include:

-Technical training

-Cyber security training courses for operations team, risk, compliance team

-Cyber security training courses for operations team (finance, procurement, HR and administration)

-Seminar for board members and senior executives

– General use awareness for all staff


(3) Protec

Protec, a Cyber 1 Company, has been specializing in Cyber Security services and solutions since August 1998 trading then as Professional Technologies Ltd (ProTec).

Acquired in 2015 by Cyber 1 – A Cyber Security leader headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, Protec then increased in solutions, services and skills portfolio to become regional leaders in PCI services, Security Solutions, Managed Cyber Security Services, Assurance Services and Advisory Services.

These include but not limited to: Data Loss Prevention, Network Security, Content Filtering, Data security, Compliance & SIEM, Penetration Testing, Information Security Audit, IT Governance, Risk Management and PCI ASV Security Scan.

Because of our expertise, more than one hundred leading corporates and other organizations in Kenya, East and Central Africa, seek assistance from Protec, a Cyber 1 Company, to ensure that their mission critical systems and information are secure.

Security and resilience are a rapidly developing industry, and because of this Protec, a Cyber 1 Company, is constantly reviewing and expanding its range of products and services, partnerships and technical knowledge and skills, to ensure that our clients always have the best and most up to date security options to protect your IT environment.


  1. Compliance services– We can help with all aspects of IT security – from the development of effective management systems to ‘forensic’ investigation of information security breaches.

More specifically, we advise on:

  • PA DSS Services
  • PCI DSS Services
  • PSD2 Services
  • GDPR Services
  • Blockchain Services
  • IT Risk Management
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

2. Assurance Services – A comprehensive range. We look at risk across the three core dimensions of an organization: technology, processes, people.

We’ll take a ‘holistic’ approach – and we’ll recommend solutions to help you become cyber resilient

–             ICS security

–             Information system Audit

–             Vulnerability assistant

–             Penetration testing

3. Managed services 

Managed services (MCS) provide access to the specialist skills and knowledge needed for improving security of your company.

They mean organizations can prevent, detect and respond effectively to adverse ‘cyber events’ – even when they lack the necessary resources in-house.

Crucially, they mitigate the risks of:

  • Data lose and theft
  • Extortion
  • Lost revenues and reputational damage
  • Legal liabilities and fines

Often an important part of IT governance, they’ll help ensure continuity of service –and keep your intellectual property and data assets safe. More important it will give your insight in what is happening inside of your organization.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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